Gill Sans Nova Shadowed Outline

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Gill Sans Nova Shadowed Outline
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Gill Sans Nova Shadowed Outline
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Gill Sans is a trademark of The Monotype Corporation registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.
Geoge Ryan/Eric Gill
The successful Gill Sans® typeface was designed by the English artist and type designer Eric Gill and originally issued by Monotype in 1928 to 1930. The roots of Gill Sans can be traced to the typeface that Gill's teacher, Edward Johnston, designed for the signage of the London Underground Railway in 1918. Gill´s alphabet is a humanist sans serif classical in proportion and contains what have become known as his signature flared capital R and eyeglass lowercase g. The Gill Sans Nova family is an extensive update that rationalizes some of the idiosyncratic features from mechanized typesetting systems and fills in the gaps in the series to satisfy today s demands designer needs for use on screen and in print. Gill Sans Nova features and extensive, harmonized character set and a variety of wonderful useful OpenType typographic features.
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